Talking About IPv6 Kicks Off a New Season of the LACNIC Podcast


The 2021 season of the LACNIC Podcast, the channel created by LACNIC to inform the community about Internet-related issues, began with an informal chat on IPv6 addressing plans in public and private entities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This year’s first episode offers a summary of the highlights of the talk by four regional experts on IPv6 deployment.

During this 60-minute chat moderated by Alejandro Acosta (R&D Coordinator at LACNIC), Enzo Picero (CEO of Grupo ZGH SpA of Chile), Fernando Contreras (Department of Digital Government, Colombian Ministry of Technology) and Wilfredo Torres (Head of Networking at FTTx Venezuela) discussed IPv6 deployment and addressing plans in public and private organizations in the LAC region.

This episode of the LACNIC Podcast covers the highlights of their discussion.