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Hackathon in Panama: Registration Is Now Open!

Registration is now open for the Hackathon that is set to take place in Panama during the LACNIC 32 LACNOG 2019 event.

Geared towards IT professionals and advanced students of careers in technology, this Hackathon will bring together, for two days, anyone who wishes to participate in a competition to explore and improve different projects developed by the Regional Internet Addresses Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Participants will work on three new LACNIC projects:  the MiLACNIC API, the UpDown in the Resource Certification System (RPKI), and LACNIC’s Internet Routing Registry (IRR).

In addition, there is time until September 15th to propose topics which, once filtered, may be added to this list of projects. If you’d like to propose a topic, please contact us at hackathon@lacnic.net

Three project leaders (Gerardo Rada, Head of Systems Development at LACNIC, and Yazmín Suárez and Carlos Ortiz, both software developers at LACNIC) will guide the work of the teams that will be created during the Hackathon.

While hackathons generally bring together researchers, designers, coders, data analysts and testers who work in groups led by project leaders (known as champions), the LACNIC Hackathon will be open to participants who are not specifically qualified in these skills. “All you need is your own computer, focus and a desire to work,” Rada noted.

First, each project leader will present their initiatives, after which participants may either work as part of a team or individually.

It is expected that participants’ skills and abilities will help improve these new projects designed by LACNIC.

The LACNIC 32 Hackathon will take place on Sunday October 6th from 12:00 to 18:00 and during the morning and afternoon of Monday 7th October.

More information here.