Women in Technology


The second edition of the IT Women Mentoring Program remains open.

The IT Women Mentoring Program seeks to promote the participation of women who are part of the regional community. After a successful first edition in 2020, this time the goal is to strengthen the program to promote the professional development of these


Professionals Promoted by IT Women to Present at LACNIC 35

Six professionals selected by LACNIC’s IT Women Mentoring Program will present their work on 12 May during the LACNIC 35 event. These women are part of the regional Internet community, professionals who are working in ICT and who have received the


Six Women Selected to Participate in LACNIC’s Mentoring Program

LACNIC’s IT Women project has announced the first six participants selected for the first edition of its mentoring program. This initiative seeks to strengthen the professional development of women who are part of the technical Internet community of


Call for Candidates for the IT Women Mentoring Program Is Now Open

LACNIC announced an open call for women who are part of the regional community to participate in the IT Women project’s mentoring program. The initiative seeks to encourage the professional development of women of the technical Internet community of


Towards Greater Gender Equality in the Technical Community

This March 8th, LACNIC celebrates International Women’s Day and accompanies women professionals who are part of the regional community in furthering their involvement and leadership in the Internet ecosystem. Diversity enriches debates, decision making


Greater Female Participation in the Technical Community: New LACNIC Initiatives

As part of its commitment to the promotion of gender diversity within the technical community, in 2019 LACNIC led a research process seeking to identify the barriers that limit the participation of women in the Internet ecosystem. Considering these inputs,


Key Takeaways: The Lessons LACNIC Learned from AYITIC GOES GLOBAL

Carolina Caeiro LACNIC is committed to promoting the transformative role of the Internet as a tool for promoting social inclusion and economic development in our region. And this is precisely the goal of Ayitic Goes Global: to strengthen the role of the


LACNIC Community Code of Conduct

The LACNIC Board of Directors has approved a Community Code of Conduct to ensure that the organization’s participation spaces are inclusive and safe, thus favoring a broad and diverse exchange of ideas. The Code is an initiative of LACNIC’s Women


United for Gender Equality

Conversations held during the LACNIC 31 event in Punta Cana led Carmen Denis (Mexico), Nathalia Sautchuk (Brazil), Paola Pérez (Venezuela) and Erika Vega (Colombia) to begin working on the creation of the Mx Center for Women in Technology (CMTMx). Seeking to


IT Women and Google Promote Leadership Workshop during LACNIC 32

The IT Women meeting to be held during the upcoming LACNIC 32 event will adopt an innovative format and offer the chance to participate in a coaching and networking session. Sponsored by Google, the activity is set to take place on Monday 7 October from 6 to