Supporting IXPs to Improve Routing Security

A plan designed to support Internet Exchange Points promoted by  LACNIC, the Internet Society (ISOC), and LAC IX is improving Internet routing security in the region. The project has allowed IXPs to have access to the RPKI validation system, automate


Growing Interest in Deploying Root-Server Copies in the LAC Region

This year,  LACNIC’S +Raices Program received applications from 23 organizations across the region interested in hosting local copies of DNS root servers. In the coming months, the proposals we received will be assessed by LACNIC and the


Promoting IXPs to Strengthen the Internet in the Region

LACNIC, in agreement with the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Exchange Point Operators Association (LAC-IX) and the Internet Society, supports IXPs that are at the development stage in organizations or countries within the region. Internet Exchange


The LACNIC Internet Routing Registry Continues to Make Progress

The LACNIC Internet Routing Registry has now been fully operational for just over a year, and the information contributed by operators through the MiLACNIC platform during this time has allowed creating a database with information which other actors can use


Three New Root Servers Installed in the Region with the Support of LACNIC

With the support of LACNIC’s +Raíces Program, organizations and academic networks in Argentina, Guatemala and Suriname have installed new copies of the I-root server managed by Netnod. This will allow improving critical Internet infrastructure in each


LACNIC is Calling Interested Parties to Host DNS Root Server Copies

As part of its +Raices program, LACNIC is calling organizations in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean interested in hosting copies of DNS root servers to submit their proposals. The main goal of the +Raices project is to install anycast root server


Why Is It Important to Install and Measure Root Server Copies in the Region?

The installation of anycast copies of the 13 Internet root servers across the region has drastically reduced latency and improved Internet user experience in Latin America and the Caribbean. These are the conclusions of Hugo Salgado, expert and researcher at

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New Copy of I-Root Server Improves User Experience in Mexico

With the support of LACNIC through its +Raíces project and Netnod, the operator of the original Internet I-root server located in Sweden, a second copy of this root server was installed in Mexico. Thanks to a new agreement with Transtelco, a company which


+RAÍCES Supports Installation of Four New Anycast Copies in the Region

IXP.GT of Guatemala, Telefonica of El Salvador, PIT Peru, and the National University Council (CNU) of Nicaragua are the organizations selected this year by LACNIC’s +RAICES Program to install copies of the original Internet root servers. Sixteen Latin


Advantages of the FORT Project’s RPKI Validator

By Jorge Cano * NIC Mexico’s research lab was created for the main purpose of helping the Internet grow. One of our activities consists of creating free open-source tools to help the Internet community. This means that everyone can use the source code