Study on Response Times to LACTLD’s Anycast Cloud

According to a research conducted by LACNIC related to Internet security, stability and resilience studies, the countries of the Southern Cone have the best response times in Latin America and the Caribbean for queries to the name servers that are part of


Study on the Internet’s Technical Success Factors

Michael Kende, Amund Kvalbein, David Abecassis Analysys Mason The success of the Internet has been built on protocols,standards and operational practices that have collectively evolved over the past 50 years. Throughout this period questions have been raised


16 Research Projects on Internet Governance within the Region

LACNIC’s Líderes Program has published the projects on Internet governance which were selected for its 2020 call. These 16 research projects are linked to three thematic axes: Internet and pandemic: the impact on human rights; digital inclusion; and


What are the Internet’s Technical Success Factors?

LACNIC and APNIC, the Internet address registry for the Asia Pacific region, are inviting proposals by external consultants to conduct a study on the Internet’s technical success factors. The request for proposals is open to individual consultants,


BGP Interconnection in Latin America and the Caribbean

LACNIC presented a new study on interconnection among the countries in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean based on information obtained from the BGP routing tables registered and stored by global collectors. According to the report titled BGP


Updated Research on Connectivity Between the Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean

Sponsored by and under the coordination of LACNIC, during 2020 software engineer Agustin Formoso conducted a study on network interconnection in Latin America and the Caribbean. The study took place within the framework of the project for Strengthening


LACNIC Geofeeds Reaches 10% of Organizations

After less than a year of operation, 10% of LACNIC member organizations ( have already contributed to Geofeeds, a geolocation service for IP addresses in Latin America and the Caribbean. So far, 1,560 records have been


LACNIC Presents Inforedes: the Single Window for Open Data from Internet Resources

LACNIC, in cooperation with RIPE NCC, has developed Inforedes (, a platform to search for data and information on Internet resources throughout the world. The platform was presented during LACNIC 32 in Panama and will be


New BGP Collector in the LACNIC Region

LACNIC has started to collaborate with the RIPE Information Service (RIPE RIS) to obtain a better understanding of the status of global BGP Internet routes. A RIPE RIS data-collector node has been added in Montevideo: Node RRC24. Together with the existing


LACNIC To Launch IP Geolocation Initiative

LACNIC’s Technology Department has been working on the development of a beta version of a geolocation application for IP addresses allocated by LACNIC to organizations and companies in Latin America and the Caribbean. Developed by LACNIC engineers, the