Vast Majority of LACNIC Members Have Already Validated Their Abuse Contacts

Eight out of ten organizations that use the MiLACNIC platform have validated their abuse contacts. This number was shared by Gianina Pensky, Head of Registration Services at LACNIC, during the recent LACNIC 36 LACNOG 2021 event.   Likewise, 76.6% of


Call for the Nomination of Candidates to Serve as Co-Chair of the Policy Development Process

Candidate nominations are being accepted for the position of co-chair of LACNIC’s Policy Development Process (PDP), a crucial role for the promotion of Internet policy discussions and proposals for the Latin American and Caribbean region. The


LACNIC Community Analyzes New Policy Proposals

The Latin American and Caribbean Internet Community is currently discussing seven policy proposals in preparation for the upcoming editions of the Public Policy Forum. Part of these proposals will be analyzed during the LACNIC 34 LACNOG 2020 Public Policy


Special Edition of the Public Policy Forum to Analyze Four Proposals

LACNIC 33 1/3, the special edition of LACNIC’s Public Policy Forum, will take place on 20 August starting at 17:00 UTC and will analyze four policy proposals for managing number resources in Latin America and the Caribbean. These policies are concerned


Special Edition of LACNIC’s Public Policy Forum

LACNIC announces that an online Policy Forum will be held on 20 August for the purpose of analyzing the four policy proposals that were not discussed during the latest meeting held as part of LACNIC 33. Public Policy Forum 33⅓ is the name chosen for this


Three Policy Proposals to Be Discussed at the LACNIC33 Online Public Forum

The LACNIC 33 Public Policy Forum will be held remotely on 5 May at 5:00 PM, chaired by Tomas Lynch and Ariel Weher. Given the new format of this edition of the Forum, it was decided that three proposals will be analyzed with the community. The author of each


Policy Ratification: Learn about Each Proposal

Two of the eleven policy proposals analyzed and debated during the Public Policy Forum held during LACNIC 31 in Punta Cana have been ratified and one of them has already been implemented. The policy proposal that has already been implemented is a


New Policies: Two Proposals Reach Consensus

Two of the eleven policy proposals analyzed and debated at the Public Policy Forum held during LACNIC 31 in Punta Cana reached consensus and are now in the final comments period. The first is the policy that allows the transfer of IPv4 resources between


Eleven Policy Proposals Discussed in Punta Cana

Eleven policy proposals submitted by members of the community were analyzed and discussed during the LACNIC Public Policy Forum that took place during the LACNIC 31 event in Punta Cana. Abuse Contact: Promoted by Jordi Palet, this proposal introduces a


Changes to the Policy Development Process

During the second half of the year, the Public Policy Forum that met within the framework of LACNIC 30 debuted the changes to the Policy Development Process (PDP) which had been previously approved by the community at the meeting held in Panama. The PDP