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LACNIC Presents LACNIC Tools

LACNIC’s Technology department presented LACNIC Tools during its latest Technology Hour, a space at LACNIC 35 reserved for sharing the latest technological developments by the Latin America and Caribbean Internet Address Registry. According to Gerardo


2020 Survey: Satisfaction Levels Increase Among LACNIC Members

Over the past two years, members of the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry (LACNIC) have increased their levels of satisfaction and loyalty. This follows from the research conducted by international consulting firm MERCOPLUS. 


One-on-One Meetings with LACNIC Customers

This month, LACNIC visited nine Internet companies and organizations in the Dominican Republic, thus completing its third annual tour of customer meetings. Including this trip, this year the LACNIC Services department completed 45 personalized visits to


Personalized Meetings with LACNIC Members

The LACNIC Services Department visited 12 Internet companies and organizations in Argentina during their first members tour this year. The meetings are part of the program for visiting members that has been in place for the past three years, and are intended


Visiting our customers in Colombia

LACNIC’s Services Department visited 26 members and Internet organizations in Colombia to provide first-hand information about the final stage of IPv4 exhaustion, answer members’ questions regarding IPv6 deployment, and listen to their needs and


Training for the Internet Community

More than 3,100 professionals and members of the Latin American and Caribbean Internet community have been trained so far this year on topics such as IPv6, the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, and IXPs. Up to the month of September, LACNIC had


Increased Use of LACNIC’s Online Training Opportunities

According to the annual survey conducted by international consultant Mercoplus among more than 5,500 members of the Regional Internet Registry, the Latin American and Caribbean community is making greater use of LACNIC products and services.   The latest


LACNIC Prepares a New Strategic Plan

According to Wardner Maia, new Chairman of the LACNIC Board, the Internet has become as essential as running water or electricity and consequently, as Information Technology professionals, his organization should take care that “the Web is always working


Closer to our Clients

LACNIC’s Services Department has already begun its annual visits to members and Internet organizations throughout the region, seeking to increase member participation and involvement in community issues and the regular activities of the Regional


LACNIC, CaribNOG partner for regional technology development

Editorial by Gerard Best Latin American and Caribbean tech professionals come together in Belize City The idea that Caribbean minds are best placed to solve Caribbean problems is hardly new. But one regional organisation is bringing the old concept to life in