Increasing Number of Content Providers Adopt the New Internet Protocol

LACNIC, the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean, presented recent data on the increase in the use of the new Internet Protocol IPv6 in South America, both by Internet users and by those providing Internet content. These measurements


IPv6 Is More Stable and Better Supported than 10 Years Ago

Internet Protocol version (IPv6) is more stable and better supported than it was ten years ago when we celebrated the first IPv6 Day, noted Lee Howard, international expert and keynote speaker at the IPv6 Day webinar organized by LACNIC. To mark the tenth


Regional IPv6 Adoption Statistics

IPv6 adoption figures have improved over the past six months in Latin America and the Caribbean. Some South American countries have significant IPv6 penetration rates, noted LACNIC CTO Carlos Martínez during the LACNIC 35 online event. A ranking comprised of


Universidade Estadual de Campinas Wins Ninth IPv6 Challenge:

Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UniCAMP) has been named the winner of the ninth edition of the IPv6 Challenge, an initiative created by the regional technical community and supported by LACNIC to recognize organizations working with the IPv6 protocol.


Talking About IPv6 Kicks Off a New Season of the LACNIC Podcast

The 2021 season of the LACNIC Podcast, the channel created by LACNIC to inform the community about Internet-related issues, began with an informal chat on IPv6 addressing plans in public and private entities in Latin America and the Caribbean. This


“IPv6 Keeps Us Highly Competitive and Helps Us Remain at the Forefront”

“Implementing IPv6 KIO,” the project by KIO Networks Mexico for enabling state-of-the-art equipment, tools and network protocols, led the company to receive the second prize in the eighth edition of the IPv6 Challenge organized by LACNIC. Driven by its


LACNIC Promotes IPv6 Deployment

IPv6 is no longer a technological necessity and has instead become a matter of strategy for the development of national digital initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean, LACNIC CEO Oscar Robles shared during two webinars organized to promote the


From Zero to One Hundred in Three Months: IPv6 Deployment at a Mexican ISP

The project for IPv6 deployment at SattLink, an Internet service provider in Oaxaca, Mexico, implemented by Tecnologica Simeon of Chile was selected as the winner of the eighth edition of the IPv6 Challenge, a competition designed and promoted by LACNIC in


IPv6 Success Stories Multiply Across the Region

Organizations across the region are increasing their IPv6 announcements to accelerate Internet growth after IPv4 address exhaustion. Megacable of Mexico is one of the region’s top ASNs in terms of prefix announcements. With a remarkable evolution of


The Challenge of Deploying IPv6 in the Midst of a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic found the technical team of Colombia’s National Disaster Risk Management Unit (UNGRD) moving forward with the development and deployment of IPv6. This unexpected obstacle further strengthened the idea of ​​advancing in the