Internet governance


LACIGF 14 and New Bylaws

The Latin America and Caribbean Internet Governance Forum (LACIGF) presented its new bylaws to the community during its latest meeting held on 23-24 November. After a lengthy debate and analysis process in which approximately 160 people from 22 different


Multiple Contributions to Internet Governance

Working with Governments. The Inter-American Telecommunication Commission decided to strengthen its commitment to IPv6 deployment in the region by issuing a recommendation addressed to governments. The document recommended improving government networks,


Internet Governance: A Voice for Everyone

This past month, LACNIC’s Líderes program has supported several national Internet Governance spaces in countries of the LAC region, always seeking to promote the presence of multiple voices in these debates. Members of the LACNIC staff participated


Dialogue on the Future of Internet Governance

LACNIC organized a workshop titled “Multi-stakeholder Dialogue on the Future of Internet Governance” with the participation of members of the technical community, academia, the private sector, civil society and government representatives. The workshop


“Young People Are Part of the Engine Driving Internet Change”

Encel Sánchez With the support of LACNIC’s Líderes program, Encel Sánchez of Venezuela participated in the Regional Internet Governance Forum (LACIGF) that met in Buenos Aires, Argentina, earlier this month. Selected as a youth leader for being one


Líderes – Promoting Internet Governance in the Region

LACNIC’s Líderes program announced it will offer support to organizations in Costa Rica and Haiti, as well as to the Youth LACIGF, to strengthen national, regional, sub-regional and youth Internet governance initiatives (NRIs) in the region, while


LACNIC Community Begins Review of ASO Functions

The LACNIC community has begun to analyze and discuss the structure and functions of the Address Supporting Organization (ASO), the organization responsible for developing recommendations for the ICANN Board on Internet Protocol (IP) address policy. This ASO


Líderes Project Makes Two Calls for Proposals to Support Internet Governance Discussions

LACNIC’s Líderes Project, an initiative aimed at institutionalizing the support provided throughout the years to national and regional Internet governance forums based on the multistakeholder model, has decided to hold two calls for proposals in 2018, with


LACNIC at IGF 2017

LACNIC at IGF 2017 The 2017 Internet Governance Forum, a space for dialogue that brings together nearly 3,000 professionals from around the world to discuss and analyze major Internet development issues, took place at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva


New Internet Governance Spaces

Through its Leaders project, this year LACNIC has promoted the discussion of the most relevant Internet governance issues at national forums held in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Panama, and Uruguay, as well as at LACIGF – a regional