LACNIC 37: The Return to Face-to-Face Events

By Oscar Robles LACNIC returns to face-to-face events and continues to work on building a regional community for a better Internet! Last week, we held our first event of the year in Cali, Colombia, LACNIC37, and also, for the first time in a long time, we


Towards More Secure Interconnection and Peering

The LACNIC 37 Interconnection tutorial will analyze the foundations, business relationships and technical aspects of traffic exchange, peering and CDNs. The training will be conducted by six qualified instructors -Erika Vega, Guillermo Cicileo, Massimo


LACNIC 37 Technical Forum: Full Program Now Available

With a keynote presentation by Lee Howard and a lineup of 16 noted speakers, the LACNIC Technical Forum will be held on Tuesday, 3 May and Thursday, 5 May, in Cali, Colombia, within the framework of  LACNIC 37. The activity will also be streamed via


Colombia Welcomes Experts from the Technical Internet Community

Leading information technology experts from across Latin America and the Caribbean, professionals representing telecommunications companies, academia, and governments will meet in Cali, Colombia, from 2 to 6 May to take part in the LACNIC 37 event. LACNIC is


LACNIC 36 LACNOG 2021 Highlights

Vint Cerf recalling the origins of the Internet and discussing the challenges it will face in the coming 50 years, connectivity prices in the LAC region, the experiences of two network operators, and the protocols that favor cyberattacks were among the


Winners of the Digital Certificate Creation Contest

The activities planned for the #LACNIC36 LACNOG 2021 event included a Route Origin Authorization (ROA) Creation Contest organized by LACNOG’s Routing, Training, and NOG Working Groups with the support of ISOC, LACNIC, and LAC-IX. The goal of the


The Closing of LACNIC 36 LACNOG 2021

At the closing of the successful LACNIC 36 LACNOG 2021, there was a glimpse to the next meeting of the Internet community of Latin America and the Caribbean, to be held in May 2022, probably in the same hybrid modality. Jorge Villa, member of the LACNOG


The Daily Life of a Network Operator

As part of the LACNIC 36 LACNOG 2021 event, LACNOG organized a panel under the title of “The daily Life of a Network Operator” and invited two operators working in the region to share their day-to-day experiences and real-life problems, as well as the


Protocols Vulnerable to DDos Attacks

As part of the Technology Hour included in the LACNIC 36 LACNOG 2021 program, LACNIC CSIRT presented a study on protocols that can be leveraged by DDoS attacks in Latin America and the Caribbean. The purpose of the initiative was to improve the security


Internet Connectivity Prices Fall by 22% in the LAC Region

The number of Internet exchange points has doubled in Latin America and the Caribbean over the past five years, while prices have fallen by approximately 22% in the last three years. These numbers were shared by Anahí Rebatta, research analyst at