LACNIC CSIRT Offers Recommendations in Light of Increase in Cybercrime

In light of the recent increase in cybercrime, LACNIC’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (LACNIC CSIRT) has highlighted a series of recommendations for Internet users and organizations. Cybercriminals have taken advantage of the growth of


Sensor Network in Latin America and the Caribbean for Detecting Potential Threats Continues to Grow

The honeypot sensor network deployed in Latin America and the Caribbean by CEDIA and The Shadowserver Foundation detected close to 103 thousand attacks originating in different IP addresses in the approximately 12.5 million events monitored by the network in


Successful Campaign for IPv4 Open Resolvers

LACNIC CSIRT, together with CSIRT CEDIA, carried out the “DNS Open Resolvers on IPv4” campaign, with the aim of identifying the open servers of LACNIC members and proactively recommending potential corrections to how this service is configured. The


Cybercrime During the COVID Pandemic

A group of international experts analyzed how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the global evolution of phishing and cybercrime in general. Graciela Martinez, Head of LACNIC CSIRT, was one of the speakers at this webinar organized by the Anti Phishing


A Project to Improve RPKI Resilience and Security

The RIPE NCC has focused its efforts on increasing the resilience, security, and availability of RPKI, the Internet resource certification system. To do so, it has launched RPKI Resiliency, a project that integrates different areas of critical infrastructure,


Information for Law Enforcement Agencies

LACNIC has launched a section on its website dedicated to sharing information for Law Enforcement Agencies to cooperate with them in their response to the growth of cybercrime and other malicious actions. LACNIC has been working in coordination with LEAs to


Coronavirus: Using the Internet Allows Us to Take Care of Ourselves

By Graciela Martínez * LACNIC CSIRT has observed an increase in cybercrime reports during the current global health crisis. Faced with this serious situation, the “bad guys” of the Internet have not wasted any time and, unfortunately, are taking


LACNIC Announces the Creation of Its CSIRT

The Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean (LACNIC), a leading actor recognized by the technical community and international organizations for its work in security incident prevention, detection and response, announces the creation of


The Race Against Cybercrime Has No Borders

As Team Cymru’s strategic partner in Latin America and the Caribbean, LACNIC is constantly looking for ways to cooperate in helping prevent the proliferation of cybercrime and coordinating actions with global organizations to help the regional community


LACNIC WARP: 5 Years of Cybersecurity Incident Management

Over the course of its first five years of operation, the group specializing in security incident management known as LACNIC WARP (Warning, Advice and Reporting Point) has trained 800 cybersecurity experts and managed 600 major computer security incidents in