Coronavirus: Using the Internet Allows Us to Take Care of Ourselves

By Graciela Martínez * LACNIC CSIRT has observed an increase in cybercrime reports during the current global health crisis. Faced with this serious situation, the “bad guys” of the Internet have not wasted any time and, unfortunately, are taking


Florencio Utreras Díaz “LACNIC has fostered innovation”

Winner of the LACNIC Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011, Florencio Utreras Díaz holds a graduate degree in Mathematics and Engineering and a PhD in Engineering and is one of the most outstanding Latin American and Caribbean Internet academics. For the past


Bernadette Lewis “Net neutrality will be a critical issue”

Bernadette Lewis is synonymous with effort and dedication towards Internet development in the countries of the Caribbean. Her work and advocacy have led her to obtain notable awards and recognition both at regional and global level, and she has become one of


Nicolás Antoniello “15 years represents almost half of the time that the Internet has been around”

Nicolás Antoniello obtained his degree in Engineering practically at the same time that LACNIC was born. Back then, the Regional Internet Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean piqued his curiosity. Soon after, Antoniello joined the voices at the


Max Larson “The LACNIC community is a great family”

An active promoter of the Internet in his native Haiti and throughout the Caribbean, with various ties to LACNIC as former Policy Forum chair and instructor for Ayitic Goes Global, Max Larson believes that the success of the Regional Internet Registry for


Mariela Rocha “LACNIC has played a leading role within the community”

Her first contact with LACNIC came about almost by chance, when she had to take the place of someone who was unable to attend none other than the first meeting of the regional Internet community – LACNIC I – back in 2002 when the organization was being


Oscar Messano “LACNIC Has Always Exceeded My Expectations”

His name is synonymous with LACNIC, not only because he chaired the organization for 13 of its 15 years of existence, but also because he was involved with the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean since its inception. We are talking


Jorge Villa “Passionate in our debates, mature in our decisions”

Charismatic, warm, and extremely active in the defense of the common interests of the region’s various Internet groups, particularly of the Caribbean peoples. These are the qualities that define Jorge Villa (Cuba), who has served in different roles at


Help for a sister

Originally designed to address a personal communication need, the digital platform Hablando con Julis has become a tool widely used by many people with speech, reading and writing difficulties. This project was the brainchild of a Colombian family seeking to


LACNIC Campus to offer a new course

After training 1,983 Latin American and Caribbean experts and professionals in 2016, this year LACNIC Campus has announced it is launching new online training offerings and the incorporation of a course titled “Basic BGP and Introduction to RPKI.”