August 2015 edition


“IPv6 is the only viable technology on which to build the Internet of Things”

The Internet of Things is now a familiar term used to define daily situations requiring Internet connectivity. The IoT is about aggregat...

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New course offerings at the LACNIC Campus

This August, the LACNIC Campus added a new training offering: our introductory course on IPv6. This time, English subtitles are availabl...

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Changing Internet Rules is Easy

The possibility of transferring IP addresses among Latin American and Caribbean organizations was brought up during the “Changing Inte...

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Bogotá welcomes a unique regional event

The next major regional Internet community event will take place in Bogotá (Colombia) from 28 September to 2 October, a major event whe...

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Incident handing in the LAC region

LACNIC presented its Warning Advice and Reporting Point (WARP) during the Cybersecurity Forum and Third Hands-On Workshop for Computer S...

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CANTO 2015

The Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organizations (CANTO) held their 31st Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition f...

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The future of the Internet is in your hands

By Alex Dans, ICANN Communications Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean. Internet Governance isn’t currently driven by a sin...

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