August 2017 Edition

Hartmut Glaser "I dream of an Internet that is free, affordable and for all"

He's been part of LACNIC since its inception. Four years before the formal recognition of the Internet Address Registry for Latin Americ...

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Ida Holz “LACNIC played a major role in the creation of Casa de Internet”

Ida Holz is a noted Uruguayan engineer who pioneered the construction of the human network that would later allow developing the Interne...

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Cristine Hoepers “Discussing security in terms of ‘National Security’ can result in a fragmented Internet”

Cristine Hoepers is one of the LACNIC region's most prominent and experienced computer security experts. Senior information analyst and ...

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Adriana Ibarra “Over the next 15 years we should see a more active community”

Increased participation of women in Internet-related issues – particularly in the spaces promoted by LACNIC – has revitalized the ...

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Celebrating 15 Years with the Community

Highlights of the LACNIC 28 - LACNOG 2017 event include keynote presentations, a hackathon on innovation, and the presence of Steve Croc...

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2017 FRIDA Winners Announced

The Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean (FRIDA) is pleased to announce the three projects selected a...

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Immediate results in IPv6

As the number of end users of IPv6 in Latin America and the Caribbean continues to grow, so does the number of professionals trained by ...

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A different way of seeing and studying

More than 500 Uruguayan primary and secondary education books have already been digitized and are available online so the visually impai...

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Smart Cities: Much more than an algorithm

LACNIC organized a workshop on Smart Cities in the Americas, Innovation and Sustainability, which was held in Mexico City within the fra...

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Internet Exchange Points reduce Internet prices and increase Internet speed

“More than 55 Internet exchange points – also known as IXPs – installed in Latin America and the Caribbean have allowed bringing ...

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