October 2016 Edition


Training for the Internet Community

More than 3,100 professionals and members of the Latin American and Caribbean Internet community have been trained so far this year on topic...

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More than 100 Participants Sponsored Each Year

Through its sponsorship program, each year LACNIC provides financial support to more than 100 members of the Latin American and Caribbe...

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Internet Geolocation: A Solution or a Problem?

Is it possible to find out the actual geographic location of the IP address from which a user connects to the Internet? While at first g...

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Project for the Widespread Use of Cryptography Technologies

With the support of LACNIC's FRIDA Program, experts at NIC Chile Research Labs (University of Chile) are developing a new electronic signat...

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IPv4 Addresses Reserved for Critical Infrastructure

During the Public Policy Forum held as part of the LACNIC 26 event in Costa Rica, the proposal to reserve a pool of IPv4 addresses for infra...

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History in the Making: Community Now Responsible for Managing the Internet

After the transition that took place on 30 September, the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) community has taken over stewardship of the I...

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