September 2015 Edition


A plan for a stable and secure internet in the LAC region

The Internet's importance and impact on people's daily lives and national economies continue to grow. The network has become a critical ...

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Interconnection in Latin America and the Caribbean

During the Network Operators' Forum that will meet from 28 September to 2 November, Sofia Silva Berenguer (IMDEA Networks) will present ...

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Seventeen DNS severs copies already installed in the region

The F root server copy recently installed in Uruguay is the seventeenth copy of a domain name system root server to be installed in Lati...

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A Novel IPv6 Experience

A novel experience in IPv6 deployment for end users is being implemented in Paraguay. Beginning in August, COPACO, an Internet servic...

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Cybersecurity Teams in the Caribbean

In order to deal with a growing number of cybersecurity incidents and rising cybercrime rates, several Caribbean countries have decided ...

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Casa de Internet Space

Getting Ready for Digital Cities info [+]

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