July 2017 Edition

Max Larson “The LACNIC community is a great family”

An active promoter of the Internet in his native Haiti and throughout the Caribbean, with various ties to LACNIC as former Policy Forum ...

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Nicolás Antoniello “15 years represents almost half of the time that the Internet has been around”

Nicolás Antoniello obtained his degree in Engineering practically at the same time that LACNIC was born. Back then, the Regional Intern...

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Bernadette Lewis “Net neutrality will be a critical issue”

Bernadette Lewis is synonymous with effort and dedication towards Internet development in the countries of the Caribbean. Her work and a...

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Florencio Utreras Díaz “LACNIC has fostered innovation”

Winner of the LACNIC Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011, Florencio Utreras Díaz holds a graduate degree in Mathematics and Engineering ...

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Ayitic Goes Global highlighted during the G20 Summit

  Ayitic Goes Global, a LACNIC initiative aimed at providing training and increasing access to employment in Haiti, was presente...

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Projects shortlisted by the FRIDA 2017 program

Projects from 23 countries of the LAC region were submitted in response to the call for proposals launched this year by the Regional Fun...

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A new security key for the Internet

For the first time in history, the root zone key is being rolled over, a global challenge considering of the size of the network. This p...

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LACNIC 27: three IPv6 implementation experiences in our region

  An increasing number of companies and organizations in the LAC region are deploying IPv6 in their networks, and this has led t...

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New Amparo workshop addresses emerging cybersecurity risks

LACNIC WARP presented a second workshop in the Caribbean to promote the creation of computer security incident response teams in the cou...

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LACNIC meets organizations and authorities in Suriname and Guyana

Major public and private Internet organizations of Suriname and Guyana are planning to deploy IPv6 by the end of 2017 or early 2018, a s...

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