May 2017 Edition

Adriana Rivero "Making sure that everyone's voice is heard is the way to go"

Adriana Rivero entered the world if ICTs out of necessity; today, she is Head of Community Development at LACNIC. She has the privilege ...

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Ricardo Patara "The community has become a leading actor"

Involved in LACNIC since before its creation, Ricardo Patara is one of the most fervent promoters of the collaborative Internet model de...

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Jorge Villa "Passionate in our debates, mature in our decisions"

Charismatic, warm, and extremely active in the defense of the common interests of the region's various Internet groups, particularly of ...

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The road to IPv4 exhaustion in Europe, Asia and Oceania

The road to IPv4 exhaustion in Europe, Asia and Oceania How did the other Regional Internet Registries experience the final phase of ...

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Visiting our customers in Colombia

LACNIC's Services Department visited 26 members and Internet organizations in Colombia to provide first-hand information about the final...

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Greater female participation in ICTs

LACNIC promotes greater participation of women in ICTs in Latin America and the Caribbean and seeks to strengthen the role of women as p...

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“If we were to redesign the Internet, it would need greater privacy and security”

He spent a few months living in Montevideo and collaborating with the LACNIC team. Daniel Karrenberg, one Europe's Internet pioneers and...

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LACNIC participates at eCrime 2017: A changing, threatening landscape

As reported by several experts at the Annual eCrime 2017 Conference, phishing (fraudulent sites) is becoming increasingly specialized, o...

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