Edition April 2016


LACNIC Prepares a New Strategic Plan

According to Wardner Maia, new Chairman of the LACNIC Board, the Internet has become as essential as running water or electricity and co...

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What You Need to Know about LACNIC 25

Thirteen years after its last event in Cuba, LACNIC is returning to Havana to celebrate the organization's most important annual meeting...

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Six Internet Policy Proposals for the Region

Six policy proposals related to how Internet numbering resources are managed in the region will be analyzed and discussed during the Pub...

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Outstanding LACNIC Participation at the Buenos Aires IETF Meeting

Marking the 30th anniversary of Internet standards development, the Internet Engineering Task Force —the global team of engineers and ...

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One Year Handling Cybersecurity Incidents

As reported by Graciela Martínez, head of LACNIC WARP, since it began operating in March 2015, LACNIC's center for coordinating compute...

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FRIDA Grant Recipient Seeks to Reduce Cyberabuse and Cyberbullying

The Jamaican Centre of Leadership and Governance is leading a project to try to reduce gender-based violence in the Caribbean through th...

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