December 2016 Edition

"Don't disconnect those who are already connected and connect those who are not"

The main challenges for connecting those who are not yet connected to the Internet and keeping existing Internet users online require th...

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FRIDA at the IGF: The South Also Exists

The FRIDA program and its Seed Alliance partners, ISIF Asia by APNIC and FIRE Africa by AFRINIC, participated in the Internet Governance...

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IPv6 Gains Momentum in the LAC Region

This year, LACNIC increased its initiatives aimed at achieving successful IPv6 deployment in Latin America and the Caribbean, helping or...

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Stronger Internet Exchange Points

This year, LACNIC's Internet Security and Stability Program offered workshops, technical talks and tutorials in at least seven countrie...

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A LACNIC Initiative in Africa

The Simón project, a LACNIC initiative for measuring Internet connectivity in the region, conducted research on network interconnection in ...

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An intense month

LACNIC had an intense month and participated in a number of local and regional activities both in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as...

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Most Notable Threats

According to LACNIC WARP, LACNIC's computer security incident Warning, Advice and Reporting Point, Phishing, Ransomware and Denial-of-se...

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Highlights 2016

// JANUARY - [Read News] New Chairman Warder Maia of Brazil assumed his position as the new Chairman of the Board on 1st...

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Internet Architects

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the international group of engineers and professionals that defines technical Internet stand...

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