Edition September 2016


Are We Ready for the Internet of Things?

What are the main challenges in implementing the Internet of Things (IoT) in Latin America and the Caribbean? Is the region ready for th...

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Three Policy Proposals to Be Debated in Costa Rica

Three proposals for modifying the policies for managing Internet resources in Latin America and the Caribbean will be discussed on Septe...

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Contributing to Development in Haiti

During the last week of August, the third edition of Ayitic (http://www.ayitic.net/en/#2016) was launched in Haiti with a training program o...

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Doctor IPv6: Answers Anytime, Anywhere

LACNIC has launched Doctor IPv6, a mechanism that allows any member of the community to submit a technical query regarding Internet...

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An Electronic Device that Allows Saving Lives

Emilio, Mario and Kako had already served as volunteers with various humanitarian initiatives in El Salvador and were aware of the fragi...

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