August 2014 Edition


Haiti on the move

Ayitic "Internet for Development" is an initiative aimed at building digital capacity in Haiti based on a model that considers local dev...

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72% of those who have not yet done so are planning to request IPv6 resources

According to a study conducted by Merco Plus Latin America, seven out of ten LACNIC members expressed their satisfaction with the IPv4 exhau...

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LAC region's contributions to be discussed at the IGF

A document containing our region's contributions on Internet Governance will be presented by Latin American and Caribbean representatives at...

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LACNIC customers highly satisfied with the organization’s services

According to a study conducted by Merco Plus Latin America, LACNIC members are highly satisfied with the work and services of the organizati...

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Specific IP address to provide warning of potential name collisions

Rodrigo de la Parra, ICANN Regional Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean. On August 1st, ICANN announced the approval of th...

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