June 2014 Edition


LACIGF: El Salvador on the Internet Governance Road Map

The regional Internet community will meet in El Salvador to establish a new Internet Governance roadmap. This will be the first meeting of i...

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Internet allows building a digital library for the blind

Tiflolibros is a digital library for the blind which has helped improve access to culture and information for the visually impaired. Crea...

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Deploying IPv6 was easier than we had imagined

Telecentro successfully implemented IPv6 on their networks well before the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses in Latin America and the Caribbean. ...

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The region needs more Internet Exchange Points to increase content availability

Installing Internet Exchange Points (IXP) in Latin America and the Caribbean is a strategic decision that will attract content delivery netw...

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It’s time to go beyond a few minor fixes and instead implement a “paradigm shift!”

By Carlton Samuels, Member of the ICANN  Expert Working Group on gTLD Directory Services (EWG). That’s the way the Expert Working Grou...

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