March 2014 Edition


A New Internet Governance is Being Woven

Top leaders and CEOs of major Internet organizations noted that the process of creating a new Internet governance has begun. This follow...

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2013 Outstanding Achievement Award: A Commitment to the Future

Bevil Wooding greeted the news with surprise. He had just been awarded the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award, an honor LACNIC reserves for t...

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Great Disparity in Internet Penetration and Development in Central America

An Engineer by trade, Cesar Diaz has joined LACNIC's staff as External Relations Officer for Central America. His challenge is to help the w...

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Seven Out of 10 Organizations in the Region Will Have IPv6

Over the past two years, the number of Internet protocol version 6 (IPv6) assignments has grown rapidly in Latin America and the Caribbean. ...

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Mexico Prepares to Hold the Region's Most Important Internet Meeting Within days, Mexico will host the first major annual meeting of the ...

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