September 2017 Edition

Steve Crocker: “There Are Only Two Kinds of IP Addresses: IPv6 and Non-IPv6.”

Steve Crocker, chairman of the board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), admitted that the coexistence o...

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Stories behind Fifteen Years of the LACNIC Community

LACNIC celebrated its 15th anniversary by sharing the vision of different members of the Latin American and Caribbean Internet community...

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Voices on LACNIC’s 15th Anniversary

The community has been pillar in the construction of LACNIC since its recognition as the Regional Internet Registry for Latin America an...

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José Clastornik Receives the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award

A panel of international jurors selected José Clastornik as recipient of the 2017 LACNIC Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to...

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There Is No Future with the Current Digital Divide

As Internet connectivity grows, the digital divide widens and the hope that the Internet will become a tool that will guarantee equal op...

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LACNIC welcomes ICANN to Casa de Internet for Latin America and the Caribbean

By Rafael Lito Ibarra* Members of the Board of Directors of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) decided t...

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Internet for the Development of Rural Communities in Cuba

Created by Universidad del Oriente in Cuba, the Armonía project received one of the 2017 FRIDA Awards for its proposal to create digita...

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International experts to gather for Internet Week Guyana in October

By Gerard Best Internet experts from around the world will be in Georgetown in October for Internet Week Guyana, a high-level technol...

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