April 2017 Edition

LACNIC: 15 Years of Building Community

By Oscar Robles, LACNIC CEO. LACNIC was founded for the purpose of managing Internet number resources for the region. Since 2002, LAC...

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LACNIC 27: Key Debates on the Future of the Internet and IPv6 Deployment in the Region

More than 80% of the region’s network operators have already received IPv6 space and half of them can already handle IPv6 traffic. ...

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Policy Proposals to Be Discussed at the LACNIC 27 Forum

During the LACNIC Public Policy Forum to be held in May in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, the community will decide on eight proposals concerni...

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Root KSK rollover

ICANN is planning to perform a Root Zone Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) KSK rollover as required in the Root Zon...

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First Amparo Workshop in Haiti

Haiti received the first basic computer security workshop organized this year by LACNIC's AMPARO project. During this workshop, nearly t...

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IETF: IP Protocol Stacks in Extreme Environments

More than 1000 experts from around the world gathered for the IETF 98 event held in Chicago (USA), a global meeting of the group of engi...

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The Risk of “Nationalizing” the Internet

Various initiatives that certain governments have implemented not only infringe upon human rights, but also affect the economic developm...

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Building the Central American Internet Community

Guatemalan voices meet for an historical LACNIC event By Gerard Best An historic meeting of different sectors of Guatemalan society ...

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