2014 November Edition


Trying to connect "everything that is not yet connected"

The day will soon come when a visit to the grocery store will no longer be needed to fill the refrigerator. An order will be automatical...

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A sign of alarm

According to Jaris Aizprúa, engineer at Huawei and an active participant in LACNIC's IPv6 workshops, “the region is not prepared” t...

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IXPs in Latin America and the Caribbean: From traffic exchange to the sharing of knowledge

Internet users are looking for a positive user experience with the least possible latency and the lowest possible cost; IXPs play a key ...

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LACNIC ranks among the best places to work in Uruguay

For the third consecutive year, Great Place to Work has ranked LACNIC among the best companies to work for in the category of up to 150 ...

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Six projects to receive funding from FRIDA

The Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Latin America (FRIDA), an initiative that promotes digital inclusion throughout the region, ...

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IANA and the transition process: Presenting videos in our region

By Alex Dans, ICANN Communications Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean. The IANA functions There was a time when all the f...

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