June 2015 Edition


Testing v6 ensures proper migration to IPv6

LACNIC has developed a methodology to conduct a compatibility test on systems and equipment operating over the IPv6 protocol. This new s...

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Transitioning to IPv6 was easier than we'd thought

Peru's IPv6 transition is setting a regional example. In addition to leading all end-user traffic statistics, Peruvian organizations and...

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Casa de Internet highlighted as an example during ICANN 53

During the opening session of the ICANN 53 meeting held in the last week of June in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Casa de Internet for Latin ...

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Community involvement in LACNIC policies

Nicolas Antoniello has chaired LACNIC's Public Policy Forum for six years. During this time, he has witnessed the continued growth of th...

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TICAL, bringing together the educational community

The Latin American and Caribbean scientific and educational community is getting ready to meet in Viña del Mar for the TICAL 2015 Confe...

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Origin validation for increasing Internet security and stability

With the support of the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean (LACNIC), Costa Rica has become one of the first c...

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