Edition May 2016


FRIDA Program Receives Record Number of Applications

A record number of projects were received in response to the 2016 call for proposals by the Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Lati...

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First Mass Uses of IoT in Latin America

Inés Robles is an information systems engineer by UTN-FRM currently working at Ericsson Finland. She participated in the LACNIC meeting...

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Changes in Two IPv6 Policies

During the Policy Forum held in Cuba, the LACNIC community reached consensus on proposed changes to two policies relating to IPv6 resour...

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Panama and Costa Rica Share Their Experiences with IPv6

Within the framework of a panel organized during the LACNIC 25 meeting to analyze the impact of national policies on IPv6 adoption after...

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Cancellation of ICANN Meetings Causes Concern

The top Internet organizations of Latin America and the Caribbean have expressed their “deep concern” about the cancellation of the ...

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National Internet Governance Forums in Preparation for the Regional IGF

LACNIC had a notable participation in the first edition of IGF Uruguay, Internet in Uruguay: A Multistakeholder Dialogue. This meeting j...

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Casa de Internet and the Da Vinci Foundation Celebrate Internet Day

Casa de Internet for Latin America and the Caribbean and the Da Vinci Foundation celebrated Internet Day for the fifth consecutive year....

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