November 2015 Edition


New policy on IPv4 exhaustion

The LACNIC community has approved a change in its policy on the scope of Phase 2 of IPv4 exhaustion, expanding the number of addresses a...

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FRIDA Award Winners at the Internet Governance Forum

Seed Alliance, the collaborative partnership between ISIF Asia, FIRE and FRIDA —the grants and awards programs established by three RI...

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Prominent participation in Joao Pessoa

A delegation of LACNIC representatives actively participated in several sessions during the Internet Governance Forum held in Joao Pesso...

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A new way to share knowledge

This year, LACNIC launched a series of technical webinars presented by Alejandro Acosta, an engineer working in the R+D department of ...

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The region welcomes an IETF meeting for the first time

LACNIC will co-organize the first IETF meeting to be held in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean. The IETF —the Internet Eng...

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LACNIC, CaribNOG partner for regional technology development

Editorial by Gerard Best Latin American and Caribbean tech professionals come together in Belize City The idea that Caribbean mind...

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