2016 January Edition


Helping the community develop policies

LACNIC has created new instruments to encourage members of the Internet community to participate in developing and modifying the polici...

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Research on IPv6 in 10 Latin American countries

LACNIC will present in Lima, Peru, a comprehensive study on IPv6 deployment which was conducted in ten Latin American and Caribbean...

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Casa de Internet for Latin America and the Caribbean continues to grow

A ninth organization has just joined Casa de Internet for Latin America and the Caribbean, a physical space located on Montevideo's bea...

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Save the date: a year filled with major events

This year, Latin America and the Caribbean will welcome major Internet related events. On 2 to 6 May, Cuba will receive LACNIC 25, the ...

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Training security experts

Late last year, the AMPARO project organized Cuba's first basic workshop on cybersecurity and the creation of computer security incident...

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Young consumers

According to the 2016 World Development Report prepared by the World Bank, Latin America is the region with the highest proportion of In...

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