April 2015 Edition


“We must win back the openness that the Internet has lost”

Oscar Robles CEO of LACNIC Oscar Robles, LACNIC's recently-appointed CEO, notes that the Internet is experiencing one of the most si...

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The only possible outcome

The LACNIC event that will be held in Lima on 18-22 May will provide an excellent opportunity to catch up on the latest news regarding t...

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More voices join Internet Governance forums

LACNIC was an active participant in the Regional Dialogue on Internet Governance that took place in the city of San Jose, Costa Rica, a ...

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LACNIC's networking system for the Lima event

LACNIC has created a tool that allows LACNIC event and conference participants to share information and exchange messages, arrange meeti...

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Update on the deployment status of two technologies aimed at enhancing regional security

A global survey prepared by researchers at the Freie Universitaet Berlin provided an unique opportunity to assess the deployment status of R...

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