June 2017 Edition

Oscar Messano “LACNIC Has Always Exceeded My Expectations”

His name is synonymous with LACNIC, not only because he chaired the organization for 13 of its 15 years of existence, but also because h...

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Mariela Rocha “LACNIC has played a leading role within the community”

Her first contact with LACNIC came about almost by chance, when she had to take the place of someone who was unable to attend none other...

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IPv6 Adoption in Latin America and the Caribbean in Numbers

As part of its strategy for the promotion of Internet Protocol version 6, this month LACNIC organized two IPv6 webinars in which more than 1...

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Univates of Brazil Wins the Year's First IPv6 Challenge

A team representing Brazilian University Univates were the winners of the first edition of the IPv6 Challenge, an initiative designed by...

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LÍDERES: Promoting National Governance Forums

Since the inception of the Global Internet Governance Forum (IGF), over the years LACNIC has promoted the creation of national and regio...

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LACNIC Community Approves Four New Policy Proposals

Four proposals for modifying the policies under which Internet resources for Latin America and the Caribbean are managed reached consens...

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Training New Course Offering at the LACNIC Campus

This year, the LACNIC Campus (http://campus.lacnic.net/) has added a new course titled Basics of BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and Intro...

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Digital Inclusion of Women: Same Difficulties as in the Real World

Women face greater difficulties than men when it comes to being included in the world of Information and Communication Technology and mu...

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Women gain space within the LACNIC community

She decided to run for the LACNIC Electoral Commission as a challenge and to increase her active participation within the community and ...

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